Jason Segel has a new Aussie girlfriend!


Simone Mitchell

Bojana Novakovic and Jason Segel, photographed in LA.

Bojana Novakovic and Jason Segel, photographed in LA.

Hurrah! It looks like Jason Segel has a new ladyfriend. And she's an Australian. If everything goes well he might move here and become one of us. He might even become Governor General. Wait ... there we go getting ahead of ourselves again.

According to the report on People, Mr Muppets has been dating Bojana Novakovic, 31, for a few weeks.

Novakovic is a Serbian Australian - she moved here when she was 7, and went on to graduate from NIDA and star in a number of films, most memorably the Australian feature Burning Man opposite Matthew Goode. Her Hollywood break came recently when she was cast alongside Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness and she will soon be appearing in the US adaptation of Rake.

As far as we can tell, this is the first person Segel has courted since he split with Michelle Williams earlier this year.


But before you start worrying that Williams is going to be hurt by seeing pics of Segel with his new squeeze, the People article points out that she's "really happy" with artist Dustin Yellin.

So there.