In praise of Bradley Cooper’s ridiculously tiny shorts

Hot pants for men are a thing now, and we have to say we're very supportive.

Bradley Cooper was snapped this week on the set of American Sniper in Malibu, wearing the tiniest pair of khaki shorts the world has ever seen. And even though they were styled up with heavy black army boots and thick socks they still looked incredible, partly because he has amazing and truly muscular legs, but mostly because he has the confidence to pull this look off while appearing as casual as anything. Oh, he knows he looks good.

Here is a photograph from the back, just in case you were wondering if the shorts had pockets:


The only thing that makes us sad is the fact we'll have to wait months for this trend to have its day in the Australian sun. Because there's no doubt in our minds teensy shorts should be worn by all. See ya later board shorts, hello thighs.

Can we get an 'Amen', ladies?


Source: The Gloss, Images: Getty