High school basketball team walk off court to confront bullies of cheerleader with Down syndrome

Here's your feelgood story of the day: a bunch of eighth-graders in the US have made internet headlines following a gesture of kickass compassion.

As Buzzfeed reports, Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader with the Lady Knights Squad at Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who has Down syndrome. During a recent home basketball game, she was getting bullied by some people in the bleachers.

The dudes on the court, noticing the fracas, did something awesome: they called a timeout, walked off the court, and told the bully "Don't mess with her".


"The kids in the audience were picking on Dee, so we all stepped forward," said player Chase Vazquez.

"It's not fair when other people get treated wrong because we're all the same," added teammate Scooter Terrien.

As the town's local news affiliate notes, "Desiree no longer walks to class alone. Students have been drawn to her after the situation."

The team and Desiree's fellow eighth-graders have since re-christened the gymnasium: it's now affectionaly known as 'Dee's House', with an honorary banner featuring the title set to grace its walls.

At the team's last home game of the season earlier this week, classmates even led a special chant: "Who's house? D's house!"

"It was sweet, kind, awesome, amazing," said Desiree.

Source: Buzzfeed