Here's your chance to work for Kate and William

... to clean our silverware and walk the dogs.

... to clean our silverware and walk the dogs.

According to The Times of India, Prince William and wife Kate Middleton have advertised for a "super servant" as the royal couple prepare to become parents for the first time. By the way, it was announced today that the baby is due in July, so you'd want to forward your resume quick smart.

The article states that an internal advertisement at Buckingham Palace calls for a jack of all trades, someone: "To provide a high standard of housekeeping for TRH (their royal highnesses) The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge".

The main duties include: "Ensuring all areas of the residence are cleaned and maintained to a high standard at all times. Caring for and maintaining personal clothing, cleaning silverware and glassware and in-house laundry."

Cleaning silverware? BORING.

The servant will also be expected to run errands, prepare basic meals when required and care for and exercise dogs, the Daily Express reports.


*Not actual royal dog

A current valid UK driving licence is listed as being "essential" and "discretion, loyalty and reliability are paramount".

We're pretty sure this means you're not allowed to take photos of the royal couple and post them on Twitter. And as such we are no longer interested in applying for the position.