Finding an injured animal is heartbreaking stuff. For some reason, it's even more distressing when the animal in question is a Koala. 

According to ABC News, Kai the Koala was rescued from power lines at Soldier's Point in NSW's Hunter Region last week. Thankfully she wasn't hurt but her arms were bandaged after the vet ran some blood tests.

Those bandaged arms! That trusting face! No wonder rescue officers have always tried so hard to get Koalas out of harm's way. Here are a few of the more memorable Koala rescues in recent memory.  

Sam the Koala is now a public figure, boasting her own Wiki page. She was rescued from the Black Saturday Bushfires: 


Harley the koala had its arms in (extremely colourful) casts after being hit by a car. (Image via Joel Sartore/National Geographic)


Baby Koala Raymond being re-hydrated after being found "weak and abandoned" on a roadside in Brisbane. (via Daily Mail


Sprinkles the koala suffered an "extremely rare case of excessive drooling", and was treated at a Brisbane hospital after developing a skin infection due to the excessive moisture flowing from her mouth. (via UK Telegraph, Image: EPA)


Source: Instagram, ABC News, Ausgrid