Geena Davis continues to be awesome


Actress-turned-activist Geena Davis says she launched her organisation for gender equality after growing frustrated by the lack of female characters in her young daughter's movies.

Davis, star of chick flick Thelma & Louise, founded the Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media in 2004 and since then the actress has devoted much of her life to female empowerment and levelling the playing field for girls and women in showbusiness.

And the mum of three reveals it all started because she wanted to create a better world for her daughter Alizeh.

"What happened in 2004 was that my daughter was about two years old and I started to watch little kids' programming, like G-rated videos and movies. And I was floored to see what I perceived to be a huge gender disparity in these things that were aimed at little kids..." she told Variety magazine.

"I picked up on this right away, but I didn't intend to make a whole life's mission out of it! I simply started asking friends if they were noticing... No one noticed, until I said something. So then I decided that I would see what people in the industry said.

"So whenever I had a meeting with a producer or a studio head or somebody, I would say, 'Have you noticed how few female characters there are in G-rated movies?' And pretty much to a person, they would say, 'Oh no, no, that's been fixed.' This all made me realise that ... clearly people aren't recognising it or think the problem has already been fixed. So that's what led me to launch this whole thing ...

"My theory is that if we can change what kids see, if they can see boys and girls sharing the same sandbox equally in the beginning, that will impact how boys view girls and how girls view girls later in life."

- With WENN