Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is writing her memoirs


9:42am *Turns straight to 'Poison Ivy' era*

Amy Poehler

Watch a 20-something Amy Poehler rapping in this long-lost '90s comedy pilot


Rob Moran 8:58am She's awesome now, she was awesome then.

House of Bricks

Watch: Sesame Street's amazing House of Cards parody

Has Kevin Spacey met his match? Meet Sesame Street's Frank Underwolf.

NICK GALVIN 8:24am Guys, meet 'Frank Underwolf' from House of Bricks.


Netflix nostalgia

Disney's rebooting 'DuckTales', Netflix's bringing back 'Inspector Gadget' and 'Danger Mouse'


This is what happens when your generation starts controlling things.

China's feminists stand up against misogynistic Lunar New Year TV gala

One sketch from the gala, called 'Joy Street', picks out the physical flaws of women.

Simon Denyer and Xu Yangjingjing An online campaign protesting against sexism in the television show quickly garnered 1,300 signatures being before blocked by censors.


Watch the Parks And Rec cast reunite, sing 'Bye Bye Lil Sebastian' on Seth Myers last night

Parks & Rec

Come for the song, stick around for April and Jerry's amazing make-out session.

Giuliana Rancic apologises to Zendaya over racist dreadlocks comments

Scalp scandal: Zendaya as she looked at the Oscars.

Abby Phillip "I do understand that something I said crossed the line."

Esther Okade

10 year old badass maths prodigy enrols in university

Child's play ... Wonder student Esther Okade at home in Walsall, England.

"From the age of seven Esther has wanted to go to university."

Lil Sebastian

There's an 8-bit Li'l Sebastian game for you to play


Eat the waffles, avoid the Sweetums drinks.

Japan's 'Robear' is the android helper of your sci-fi dreams

Future caregiver ... Robear lifts a woman during a showcase in Nagoya, central Japan.

"The polar cub-like look is aimed at radiating an atmosphere of strength, geniality and cleanliness at the same time."


Reddit finally commits to cracking down on nude posts

Jennifer Lawrence

Social networking and news site to begin removing pics if the subject hasn't given permission for them to be posted.


You need to know about Tink


CLEM BASTOW Five female musicians who should be on your radar right now.

Best MRA burns

Best pop culture comebacks against misogynist nonsense


ELEANOR ROBERTSON A triumphant round-up of TV's best feminist sick burns to make you smile and glow with pride.

Gloria Steinem series

Marisa Tomei to play Gloria Steinem in new HBO series produced by George Clooney


All your favourite things, together at last.

Wonder Woman

'Wonder Woman' movie to start filming this spring, say reports


It's finally happening, guys.

Barbie Bus

John Oliver hilariously mocks UK Labour Party's attempt to entice women voters with a 'Barbie Bus'


The party's driving around in a pink bus to talk to women "around the kitchen table" about politics. John Oliver gives this the treatment it deserves.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette under fire over comments calling for 'people of colour' to fight for women


JOSEPHINE TOVEY Patricia Arquette’s passionate call for gender equality was soured by a backstage comment about the need of “people of colour” to fight for women.

#AskHimLess: Oscar suits hits and misses

Oscars day: Chris Pratt on the red carpet.

CLEM BASTOW Why talk about anything else when we can focus on all the red carpet action at the Oscars?

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette uses Oscars acceptance speech to call for wage equality and equal rights for women


And, obviously, Meryl Streep, J-Lo and and an internet's worth of retweeters stood up and applauded.


Why do famous people of colour get 'blackballed'?


RUBY HAMAD "The blacklisting, the name-calling, the jokes - they all show the pretense of an 'inclusive' Hollywood to be just that. The inclusion of people from minority backgrounds is treated as a favour that can be revoked at any time."

The Singles

Scarlett Johansson just started a band with one of the sisters from Haim


They're called The Singles, and you can listen to their first one.

Broad City

Abbi and Ilana's "micro-impressions" are your new favourite things


The Broad City stars were on Letterman overnight, and... well, just watch.

'Great personality'

2 Broke Girls slammed for appalling racist joke about Indigenous Australians

UNIMPRESSED: Fans are angry at American sitcom  2 Broke Girls for a racist joke about Aboriginal Australians.

Australian fans of the American comedy show 2 Broke Girls responded in uproar over the racist joke about Indigenous Australians.


Seth Meyers asks Allison Williams about her dad Brian Williams' NBC suspension

Alison Williams and Brian Williams.

Emily Yahr And yep, she defended him passionately.

Happy news

Now And Then remake might be a thing


If you haven't seen the classic '90s sleepover flick, treat yourself this weekend.

Parks And Rec

Bill Murray was on 'Parks And Recreation' last night

Bill Murray.

ROB MORAN Our two favourite things, together at last.

Creepy Joe Biden

All the times Joe Biden has creepily whispered in women's ears


Somehow, this is actually a regular thing from this guy.

Stop everything. There's a new Dr Seuss book coming out in July

Discovered 24 years after the author's death.

Notorious RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is partly concerned, partly delighted about your 'Notorious RBG' tattoos


ROB MORAN The Supreme Court judge and champion of women's rights sat down for a lengthy interview with MSNBC.

Michelle Obama

Watch Michelle Obama slow-dance with Big Bird to the romantic strains of Aerosmith's 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing'


ROB MORAN No, we're not high - it happened on the new episode of 'Billy On The Street'.

SNL turns 40

8 best moments from SNL's 40th anniversary special


ROB MORAN Tina was there, Amy was there, Wayne and Garth were there - what a night.

SI slam

How is Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue still a thing, asks John Oliver

John Oliver.

ROB MORAN The late night host brilliantly tackled the question we all ask ourselves at least once a year.

Children's body image

"My daughter is fat, isn't it my job to tell her?"


KASEY EDWARDS No, it's not - if she is, she already knows, writes Kasey Edwards.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer's perfect response to blogger who called her "chubby"


ROB MORAN Amy Schumer does not give a s--t about your obnoxious trolling.


Unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford leaks online, causes instant debate

Model life: Cindy Crawford has opened up about her body image issues in the past.

The pic, said to be leaked from an upcoming 'Marie Claire' spread, was in fact an outtake from a 2013 shoot, the magazine revealed.

'Fridging' in comics

Superheroes need to stop 'fridging' their girlfriends

Alexandra DeWitt, girlfriend of Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern.

Tegan Jones A sinister plot device has permeated superhero comic books.

A novel idea

My book club landed a publishing deal

Women of letters: (from left) Jane St Vincent Welch, Denise Tart, Jane Richards, Madeline Oliver and Jenny Crocker, collectively known as the author

Jane Richards Jane Richards tells how five women pulled off an unlikely publishing coup.

Bros watch The Notebook

Watch as these bros watch 'The Notebook' for the first time


It's confirmed - The Notebook's message is universal.

LGBTI history

Laverne Cox cast as a transgender lawyer in CBS pilot 'Doubt'

Laverne Cox will play a transgender lawyer on new CBS drama.

Laverne Cox is graduating from prison garb to power suit.

Spice Girls

Four unreleased Spice Girls tracks just leaked on Soundcloud


Well, this was unexpected.

Amy Schumer

Watch the trailer for Amy Schumer's new film, 'Trainwreck'


It's directed by Judd Apatow, co-stars an almost unrecognisable Tilda Swinton, and looks awesome.

Law & Order: SVU will tackle Gamergate

The cast of Law and Order: SVU.

Caitlin Dewey "Over its run Law & Order has shown us a reflection not so much of the promise of the Internet, or even its real problems, but how we have seen it over the last 20 years as a powerful space to be wary of."

There was legit an 'animal escape drill' at Tokyo zoo and it was glorious

Game over: The employee removes his  costume after the drill.

Su-Lin Tan Tokyo's Tama zoo has staged an escaped-animal drill with a staff member dressed up as a snow leopard.

Study found there were more female leads in 2002 than in 2014

A Hunger Games situation developing with Hollywood female leads.

"Only five per cent of women characters were portrayed as leaders."

Women for a day

Buzzfeed asked men what they'd do 'if they were women for a day'


And, surprisingly, most of the answers were more insightful than just "Boobs! Drool.".


Watch Kyle Chandler be all handsome and things in the trailer for Netflix's new drama, 'Bloodline'


Rob Moran Your ol' boyfriend Coach Taylor has a new TV show.


Katy Perry, Obama use Grammys appearances to call on viewers to help fight domestic violence


But some Twitter users questioned the Grammys' dedication to the issue, considering the male artists they chose to honour.

Honest Oscars

These great 'Honest Oscars' posters are almost too accurate

Honest Oscars.

'Challenging Disability Biopic' should be in with a good chance.

Bill Cosby cancels more shows as new accuser emerges

Comedian Bill Cosby performed to a hall two-thirds full despite protests outside the venue in Canada.

A former fashion model and actress who appeared on one episode of The Cosby Show has come forward with new allegations.

Werner Herzog: I should have done films about female protagonists much earlier in my life

Nicole Kidman in Queen of the Desert.

Michael Roddy Herzog calls his new film 'Queen of the Desert' the female 'Lawrence of Arabia'.