Book club

24 books for a year of reading only work by women


Alyssa Rosenberg 3:53pm After some new reading material? Alyssa Rosenberg has some suggestions... and not a straight, white male in sight.

Benedict Chocobatch will make all your Easters come at once

Jenny Noyes 12:01pm A British TV station has make a life-size chocolate sculpture out of Benedict Cumberbatch, because yum.

'The Hillbilly Heist'

Watch Kristen Wiig and Zach Galifianakis play America's dumbest bank robbers in the trailer for 'Masterminds'


Rob Moran 9:25am The film is based on the very real - and very bumbling - 1997 Loomis Fargo Robbery.

Good job, guys

Bankstown boys rap against domestic violence

Year six students from Bankstown Public School perform 'We All Say No'.

Jenny Noyes 11:53am "We all say no, so don't sit in silence." Everyone should listen to these primary school boys.

Watch: Pregnant TV presenter Kristi Gordon reads out hate mail about her body

Kristi Gordon

8:36am Snail mail trolls are pretty upset to see pregnant human bodies.

Letterman vs Indiana

David Letterman rips into Indiana's 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act'


Rob Moran 8:32am "This is not the Indiana I remember," the state native told his audience last night.

The Australian Sex Party just won April Fools Day

Media release: Shooters and Fishers merge with Australian Sex Party to create

Jenny Noyes "This is an awesome move for both our parties - and everyone who loves guns and sex, although we don't recommend using them together."


Watch out for Pac-Man eating up your Google Maps today

Pac-Man munches on Brisbane.

HANNAH FRANCIS Planning a productive April Fools day? Google has other ideas.


Rad Women A-Z

Rad new book teaches kids their feminist ABCs

A is for Angela Davis.

Jenny Noyes You're never too young to be schooled in feminist history.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde's post-baby body real-talk is pretty delightful


"I’m softer than I’ve ever been, including that semester in high school when I simultaneously discovered Krispy Kreme and pot... I’m a mother, and I look like one," she told Shape magazine.


Transgender community celebrates International Day of Transgender Visibility with selfies

@UtaStix celebrates International Day of Transgender Visibility.

The global transgender community has taken to social media to mark International Day of Transgender Visibility.

Jay Z, Beyonce and Madonna want you to dump Spotify for their new streaming service

Beyonce and Jay Z look through the event space where they launched the Tidal music service, in New York, March 30, 2015. Jay Z unveiled his plans for Tidal Monday, a subscription streaming service that he said will be majority-owned by artists themselves. (Sam Hodgson/The New York Times)

Justin Wm. Moyer It's a pricier Spotify alternative called 'Tidal'.


Christopher Pyne and Ruby Wax gave everyone nightmares after Q&A

Good humoured ... Christopher Pyne jokes with US comedian Ruby Wax about starting out a colony on another planet on Q&A.

Jenny Noyes Some disturbing topics were discussed on last night's Q&A - but nothing could prepare the audience for Christopher Pyne and Ruby Wax flirting.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake's I Heart Radio Awards speech will get you right in the feels


Turns out every celebrity ever was called "different" and "weird".

Comedian Trevor Noah will be replacing Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

South African comedian Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show.

Susan Heavey Well, technically no one can replace Jon Stewart. But still.

#FacesOfProstitution has mobilised Australia's proud sex workers

The photo sex worker Tilly Lawless posted of herself online.

The story argued the film Pretty Woman glorified sex work and ignored the "tragic reality".

Eat the patriarchy

Awesome designer creates 10 feminist Ben & Jerry's flavours


Unfortunately, they're not real... yet.

Colourblind people see colour for the first time

seeing colour for the first time

Imagine spending your whole life seeing the world in sepia shades to one day be shown the full spectrum of colour.

Kelly Osbourne reveals she will be getting same surgery as Angelina Jolie

Kelly Osborne

Maria Puente "I know that one day I will eventually have to do it, too."

Chelsea Handler talks about the time Bill Cosby tried to 'Cosby' her in Esquire interview

Chelsea Handler says Bill Cosby once invited her to his hotel room after a comedy show.

Maria Puente She and Cosby were both there doing stand-up when she got word that Cosby wanted to meet her in his hotel suite.

Cate Blanchett

Watch: Cate Blanchett shuts down interviewer on The Project

Cate Blanchett was less than impressed with the interview.

Cate Blanchett has a Channel Ten journalist of not doing his job.

Gender wage gap

We'll be able to 3D-print human hearts before we achieve wage equality, super depressing Daily Show segment explains


YES: "At this point, we'd be better off printing a 3D penis, slapping it on the bank counter, and saying 'Hey society, f--k you, pay me!'"

Bake sale activists

Schoolgirl activists charge boys more at their baking sale

Jordan High School Young Democrats

Boys pay $1 and girls pay 77 cents... because gender pay gap.

Pop quiz

High school exam question misquotes Taylor Swift lyric while trying to demonstrate bad grammar in pop


“You had one job, test people. One job,” wrote Tay on Tumblr.

Cate Blanchett

Women still watch movies after they've stopped menstruating, says Cate Blanchett


More spot-on real-talk from Our Cate.

Starbucks will stop writing 'Race Together' on Americans' coffee cups after one week

The message was meant to be

Jessica Contrera Learns race relations are slightly more complex that morning chit chat.

Looks like your Ikea hide-and-seek dream won't be coming true

Good hiding spot?

PETER MUNRO An unofficial game of hide and seek at Ikea Tempe has attracted 30,000 players. But Ikea has other ideas.

Watch: This Christopher Pyne Star Wars parody will make your week

Chris Pyne

Su-Lin Tan If you still haven't seen it, please stop whatever 'work' you are doing and prioritise this.

Wonder women responds to criticism her breasts are too small

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

"They said my head was too big and my body was like a broomstick."

Take our money

These Girl Scouts have come up with the most adorable cookie sales pitch


It's a Taylor Swift 'Blank Space' parody, and it will make you wanna give them all your money.

#WomenOn20s: All the women who should be on the US $20 Bill


GAIL COLLINS There's a movement to kick Andrew Jackson off the US $20 bill and replace him with a woman.

Children's book 'Heather has two mummies' has been updated to reflect gay marriage


Carolyn Kellogg Heather's two mums are now wearing rings.

Watch: 100 years of Korean beauty - in just one minute


Cut is back with its condensed beauty videos - and the country under the spotlight this time is Korea.


Maya Avant from The Bold and the Beautiful will be revealed as transgender

Shock: Karla Mosley's character will be revealed to be transgender.

MICHAEL IDATO Making the show only US network TV series to feature a regular character of transgender identity.

Hannah Horvath

Watch Hannah Horvath bring mayhem to Seth Meyers' Late Night writers' room


Rob Moran Seriously, 'Would you masturbate to this?' sounds like a pretty great segment.

Symmetrical scenes

Watch this mesmerising supercut featuring the opening and closing shots of classic films


Meh, like who needs the middle, right?

So fetch

The Mean Girls musical is almost here

Mean girls.

Tina Fey has been talking about it for almost a decade. Finally, it's getting close.


Watch these Indian women speak out about rape culture with their viral #RapAgainstRape


They call themselves 'BomBaebs', which is just awesome.


This app is literally putting women on the map

The app will alert you when you're near a place that women made history.

It makes your phone buzz when you are in places women did important things in history.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd pressing charges against online trolls after receiving abusive threats on Twitter

Ashley Judd

The actress began receiving violent threats following her tweets during a college basketball game.

Just dabblin'

1930s headline about artist Frida Kahlo is literally the worst


Surprised it doesn't just say "Damn, lady painter needs a shave!"

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein's memoir coming this October


Rob Moran It will be called 'Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl', which is probably the best title of all time.

Israeli women are very offended by this chocolate bar

The wrapper of the chocolate bar in question.

Just days out from the Israeli election, one political party made a last ditch attempt to woo female voters.

This little girl's response to being called ugly is perfect

This sassy four-year-old can teach us all something about handling criticism.

Thinspiration ban

French government will be outlawing ads that feature excessively thin models

Too thin: a proposed law in France would tackle the use of anorexic models in advertisements.

France's health minister says she supports plans to criminalise the use of advertising with anorexic models.

Joan Didion

Joan Didion's 'Goodbye To All That' is being made into a movie


Slouching towards Hollywood, amirite?

Transgender girl Jazz Jennings is the face of a new beauty campaign

Jass Jennings:

Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old transgender girl, has been named the face of Clean & Clear's new 'See The Real Me' campaign.

Ryan Gosling

Woman proposes to girlfriend at Ryan Gosling's new movie premiere

Ryan Gosling

Finally, a post-screening Q&A used for good.

HBO series The Jinx feeds true crime craze

'Nobody tells the whole truth': Durst.

Yvonne Villarreal They say you can tell a lot from a person's handshake.


Ruby Rose in a new Orange Is The New Black music video

Ruby Rose as Stella.

If you're missing your favourite Litchfield inmates, here's a treat.

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