What happens if Asians said the stuff white people say


Candice Chung

Despite our total and effusive embrace of kimchi and pork buns, there are still times when random acts of microaggression rear their ugly heads in 2014.

We've come a long way though. Whereas once it was socially acceptable to make racist jokes in public, nowadays we acknowledge that Asians (though not white) are also people. And thus have feelings that can sometimes get hurt. It's cool, you guys. Everyone gets it.

But just to make sure the whole internet is across this, the good people at Buzzfeed have created a wonderful parody video, titled "If Asians said the stuff that white people say." In it, you'll find multiple references to white people's favourite TV shows, facial features and the occasionally insensitive question about where they learned to speak such great English. (Ah, don't get judgemental. MOST of them do!)


But hey, it's said all in good fun, right? As old-timey microaggressive folks like to say, "No offence intended".

Source: PolicyMic