Watch: The new Star Trek Trailer

We're guessing that you don't make a Star Trek movie with 'Into Darkness' as the subtitle unless you're planning on some heavy-duty stuff going down. And, if there is one thing we know about director JJ Abrams, (LostCloverfieldSuper 8) it's that he loves himself a bit of the old heavy-duty. Enter your posh crush, Benedict Cumberbatch to play Khan, a villain with a silver tongue. Or, if he's not your type, then a creepy-as-all-hell voice reminiscent of Satan. That is, if Satan went to Eton College. Even the screenwriter Robert Orci was weirded out, telling Wired, “His voice is a special effect unto itself.”

One thing though, why do they have him encased in that glass prison room? Isn't that a little too Avengers/Loki? Oh look, who cares. We love that red forest cliff scene! And await many more just like it!