Watch: Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen in 'Masters of Sex' trailer

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan star in <i>Masters of Sex</i>.

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan star in Masters of Sex.

The start of a new TV cycle can be a bittersweet experience. It means suffering withdrawal symptoms from your favourite shows (miss you, Homeland), but on the flipside, it gives you the chance to develop fresh televisual crushes when the new shows launch.

The good news is that one series in particular looks promising. Masters of Sex stars two of our favourite actors; Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Party Down) and Michael Sheen (Tron, Midnight in Paris) and looks like it will be a sexy fun-time for all.

As per The Playlist:

Caplan and Sheen are playing Masters and Johnson, a pair of characters based on two real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality. It seems like a really fun concept (kind of like 'Hysteria' but with a much wider scope) and one that Sheen and Caplan can have bags of fun with. The trailer seems really promising, and given that Showtime already have a show that mixes sex and comedy successfully in 'Californication',there’s decent pedigree to suggest that they could have another hit on their hands.


The show will start screening in the US early next year.

Here's the trailer. It also gives a sneak peek at the new Showtime series Ray Donovan, which stars Liev Schreiber (aka Mr Naomi Watts). It seems very punchy and bloody.