Watch Licia Ronzulli's daughter grow up in EU Parliament time-lapse images


Candice Chung

Licia Ronzulli with daughter Vittoria.

Licia Ronzulli with daughter Vittoria.

Here's the thing about balancing work and motherhood. It's a damn hard thing to do because as any smart, ambitious ladies would tell you, one of them won't give you sick days off, overtime rates, and will always, always be a full-time job.

We're talking here about motherhood, of course. And no one has had a better time illustrating this to the world than working mum Licia Ronzulli, who also happens to be a member of European Parliament (MEP).

Ronzulli is an Italian member of the European Parliament and has made headlines from time to time for bringing her daughter Vittoria to the Parliament’s plenary sessions. What began as a symbolic gesture to "reclaim more rights for women reconciling work and family life" has evolved into a ritual, with the 36-year-old taking advantage of the EU workplace rules that allow women to take their baby to work with them.

This means Ronzulli's daughter, who has recently turned two, has been attending parliament sessions since she was 44 days old. 


Elephant Journal has put together a time lapse montage that shows the awesome mother and daughter duo at voting time. Now let's hear it for the baby who's most likely to run the world one day! 

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