Watch Justin Timberlake's super uncomfortable interview

Here's the thing about press junkets: anyone who has ever been on one (or remembers this scene from Notting Hill) will realise that they can be incredibly dull and repetitive. The jet-lagged 'talent' eventually runs out of ways to answer the same questions about a movie role they're now mildly embarrassed about. So it's up to the interviewers to bring it sometimes. 

Brazil's Sabrina Sato knows this. And when she interviewed Justin Timberlake for the film Runner Runner, it was clear that she was unfraid to ask the tough questions: 

"You are the best artist. The king of pop...Do you consider yourself... are you Michael Jackson?"

To which JT's response can only be described in GIF form. 

It gets better though. Like the moment when Sato said, "You sing and dance like a black American." You can almost hear his publicist squirming in her chair. And that's before she presented Timberlake with a gift of a signed cast of her bottom.  

Okay, full disclosure: Sato is a comedian by trade and has over 6 million twitter followers. But the amount of discomfort she generated was remarkable even for a pro. The whole interview evokes early Borat, or this little gem by Erin Foster. Watch it now!

Source: Vulture