Watch: Internet BFFs recreate a Vogue fashion spread with their own clothes

Remember in the mid-2000s when 'webisodes' first entered the internet lingo and for a while it became a euphemism for anything that didn't quite make it on MTV or Channel [V]? 

Well, real life besties Katy and Katie have totally turned things around for this underrated genre. The Texas-based producer and Californian copywriter have started a Tumblr called "Just the tips", where they try out different "Best Life" advice in the realms of fashion, make-up, DIY and crafts so you don't have to. (An anti-Goop, if you will.) 

Their tagline pretty much sums up the project's awesomeness: "Dumb enough to try anything. Smart enough to warn against it." 


So far, they've attempted things like flower arranging, "making a new T-shirt look vintage", and their latest (and arguably best to date) -- taking fashion tips from Vogue magazine.

To do this, they chose to recreate a fashion spread (with their own clothes) called "Ragged glory" from the September issue of Vogue, which the pair describes as "A band of merry pranksters caravanning their Rock n' Roll looks across the English countryside."  

It's worth tuning in for the full five minutes not only for the 'DIY Vogue look' but the brutal takedown of the high fashion shoots throughout the clip: "To me [Ragged Glory] sounds like a really heart wrenching story about an army general with Alzheimer's. But it's like a Sundance darling."  

Best of all, the two Katies remembers to leave us with a final, practical piece of advice: “A woman’s best accessory is a wild horse.” 

From The Jane Dough