Turns out Gilmore Girls quotes are surprisingly successful on Tinder

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) from the <i>Gilmore Girls</i>.

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) from the Gilmore Girls.

Lorelai Gilmore is the ultimate wing-woman. So it comes as no surprise that the Gilmore Girls star's best one-liners are charming men on Tinder.

The character's fierce and sarcastic demeanor was channelled by Hello Giggles' Rachel Paige as she took to the online dating app to see how men would react to the famous one-liners.

Paige could only talk in Lorelai quotes while still attempting to keep the conversation moving in an "organic-ish way".


She found lots of "dudes" thought her to be "cool and quirky" during the conversation, where she dropped lines including: "Did you know butt models make $10,000 a day?" and "I love pudding. I worship it".

While there was some confusion, it wasn't enough to put a stop to the otherwise flirty conversation.

"Do you have a motorcycle? Because if I'm going to throw my life away you better have a motorcycle," Paige said on Tinder, to which a user replied: "I have something way more dangerous than that Rachel".

After receiving great results from Lorelai's random stream of consciousness, Paige experimented with the hit TV show's most intense character, Paris Geller.

Geller plays Rory's frenemy-turned-roommate-turned-close-friend and is known for her sassy and catty personality.

But even talks stemming from her "revenge notebook" to "common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases" couldn't turn men away.

"They were really into it, to a shocking degree," Paige said, adding that some of the character's quotes worked as a gateway into deep conversations on Tinder.

To Paige's surprise, only one man joined the dots and noticed the lines were directly taken from the fictional town of Stars Hollow.

"Did you just quote Gilmore Girls to me?" he asked.

"You've been Gilmored," Paige replied.

"Dammit. Not again," he sighed.