Tina Fey: 'hopefully someone's boob will fall out of a dress'


Swoon! Photo: Getty

Not long to go now! But before Tina Fey and Amy Poehler shimmy themselves into their gowns for Hollywood's booziest night, The Golden Globes, they have just a few more pearls to share with us. The first of which is that they don't plan to really hog the stage.

"Because it's such a fun kind of sloppy night, it's not really about the host giving any kind of big comedy performance," Fey, 42, told reporters during a conference call on Wednesday. "It's our job to keep things moving and also try to get the movie stars more liquored-up so that hopefully someone's boob will fall out of a dress. That's our main role." 

"The luckiest we could get would be for something interesting and spontaneous to happen," Fey said. "We have a lot of spontaneous things planned."

That does not, however, include the imbibing of liquor.


"I'm sure I will not drink any alcohol until the show is over, and then I will drink half a glass of alcohol and that will put me away," Fey told People.com.

But it's a slightly different story for Amy. The 41-year-old star of Parks and Recreation told reporters "I'm going to pub-crawl it all the way to the venue and then try to take a two-hour blackout nap before we start, and then as soon as the show is over, I'm going to go on a 10-day juice cleanse." 

Source: People.com