The freakiest dogs you'll ever see

Oh yeah. It's a thing.

Oh yeah. It's a thing.

You might need a minute to properly process what your'e seeing here - photo after photo of seemingly ordinary dogs wearing stockings, leggings and sometimes even heels. The disturbingly hilarious trend reportedly began with a single image posted to the massive Chinese social network Weibo by a user called Ulatang on April 2nd. reports that by April 5th, Ulatang’s photo had received over 16,000 comments and was inspiring plenty of copycats on Weibo. It didn't take long for the fad to spread to English-speaking blogs.

Brian Ashcraft, who writes for Hong Kong's Sharp Dailywrote that "bored" users had been uploading the photos alongside jokes about how "sexy" the dogs look.

Yes. Sexy. Of course. It's what has been missing from the canine world for millennia. Look at their faces, people! Not all of these dogs are at peace with what you're doing! We're speaking specifically of the poor pooch wearing what looks to be control underwear. His owner claims they're pantyhose but we know a Spanx bottom when we see one.