The best witches in popular culture

Witches are so much more than warty broom stick riders. They put spells on people, and make potions and can often be very brave and sassy. Pop culture is awash in witches, in fact, according to the internet, witches are having a moment. They're popping up in new shows such as Sleepy Hollow and The Originals. In fact, they've been called the new vampire, but that doesn't seem to do witches justice.

As Callie Beusman points out in Jezebel, witches are totally empowering for women.

"Witches, conversely, have the potential to be all about female empowerment. All witch media automatically passes the Bechdel test, because witches gather in covens and talk about potion ingredients all the time."

Plus, there are so many cool witches to choose from, like smart, brave Hermione in Harry Potter to kick ass Willow in Buffy and you really can't deny the sheer chutzpah of Ursula the sea witch. Witches kind of rule. Vampires 'sparkle' and drink blood and combust in the sun and are always kind of moody. Witches have way more fun.


So, just in time for Halloween we've compiled our favourite pop culture witches of all time. Hubble, bubble ... 

Source: Jezebel