Tay Allyn's 'Mass Text' could be the worst song of the year

The word on the internet today is that Tay Allyn may be the new Rebecca Black (remember Rebecca and the ear-worm that was 'Friday')?

Allyn's song 'Mass Text' debuted on YouTube on Tuesday and has scored almost 37,000 clicks so far.

The musical horror begins with Allyn missing out on a group invite to a party, prompting her to repeat the line "Why didn't I get your mass text, I'm in your contacts" over and over again.


The YouTube post claims that Allyn has "been adopted by Justin Timberlake and the relaunched Myspace as a 'Top New Artist of 2013'":

"She has created a new breed of Pop that's like Ke$ha without the sex, and Lady Gaga without the avant garde— what are you left with? Tay singing about mundane things of everyday life to hot beats!"

But while Rebecca Black seemed to be genuine about 'Friday', it's hard to shake the feeling that this clip is a parody that has been created purely for the web clicks.  

As Stuart Dredge from The Guardian states, "if this turns out to be a satirical Daily Show skit, it wouldn't be a huge surprise. Or, more likely, a viral for Myspace itself".

The performance piece theory is strengthened by the fact that Allyn recently graduated from theatre school in the US. You can view her (mind-boggling) USC graduation speech in the clip below.

The really good news is you can purchase Mass Text for the bargain price of .99c on iTunes so you can enjoy it over and over and over again in the comfort of your car/home/nightmares.