Sad realisation: '30 Rock' ends in two weeks


Simone Mitchell

"What's that? It's <i>over</i>?"

"What's that? It's over?"

It's time to say farewell to the entertainment industry's favourite sitcom, 30 Rock.

 Its seven-season run in the US ends in two weeks. Rolling Stone ran the show's demise as its cover story and has Alec Baldwin confessing to being ready to leave after its fifth season: ''It was the low point, though even anaemic 30 Rock writing is still better than everybody else's writing.''

Around that time Baldwin met his second wife and lost his desire to abandon his routine in New York, and stayed.


Tina Fey is proud the show survived so long. ''I feel like we made a lot of good episodes of the kind of show that usually gets cancelled,'' she said. ''The kind where there's 20 episodes and 'only me and my hipster friends know about it'. That part's still true. But we made about 140 of them!''

It's going to be sad to see it go. Hopefully Tina Fey has a new project in the works, otherwise we're going to have some serious withdrawals.

Until then, let's take a look at this video of some of the cast speaking at the Paley Centre in the US. Fey reminisces about how they landed Alec Baldwin for the role of Jack Donaghy, and discusses the chemistry between Liz Lemon and her boss.

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