OITNB's Matt McGorry calls out trolls who respond to '#BlackLivesMatter' with '#AllLivesMatter'

Matt McGorry as OITNB's Officer Bennett.

Matt McGorry as OITNB's Officer Bennett.

After recently joining the #FreeTheNipple movement and awesomely using his public profile to discuss things like the gender pay gap and male feminism, Orange Is The New Black's Matt McGorry - aka, Officer Bennett - has once again taken the good fight to social media, this time penning a thoughtful response to all those people who think it's useful to respond to the '#BlackLivesMatter' hashtag with '#AllLivesMatter'.

#BlackLivesMatter - which first came into use on social media following the acquittal of teenager Trayvon Martin's murderer in 2013 - was launched to bring attention to the number of black men, women and children who've died as a result of police brutality, and to condemn the systemic racism in America's law enforcement. 

In recent months, the '#AllLivesMatter' response has bandwagoned on the original hashtag's momentum, under the guise of some truth-telling inclusivity. Over the weekend, even former Maryland Governor (and current Democrats presidential hopeful) Martin O'Malley used the phrase when protestors began chanting '#BlackLivesMatter' during a conference he was speaking at (he's since apologised, acknowledging he made "a mistake"). 

Following O'Malley's "mistake", McGorry took to Instagram for some real-talk, pointing out how those who appropriate the hashtag undermine the meaning of the '#BlackLivesMatter' campaign:


Or as some #BlackLivesMatter activists say, it's like going to an AIDS walk and shouting "All Diseases Matter!" Some people think they are being more inclusive by saying #AllLivesMatter in response to #BlackLivesMatter but in reality, they're (un)consciously undermining the purpose of the movement. Because this PARTICULAR movement is about SPECIFIC issues, as any decently effective movement is. You can't just have a protest for "Make Everything In The World Better!" How can you have an effective protest that's about gender equality, animal rights, racial equality, and saving the environment? Pro-tip: you can't. Because that's not how getting shit done works. And I've never seen #AllLivesMatter promoted by someone who ACTUALLY fights for racial equality. So someone getting up in arms bc of #BlackLivesMatter while they sit on the sidelines and do nothing for black lives or anyone's other than their own is not actually promoting that "All Lives Matter (equally)" as much as they're trying to take down the idea that #BlackLivesMatter and denying its necessity and value. Whether it's conscious or unconscious, you're contributing to societies racial issues if you're responding with #AllLivesMatter. #BlackLivesMatter doesn't mean other lives don't. Like people who say "Save The Rainforests" aren't saying "Fuck All Other Types of Forests." And if your response to "Save The Rainforests" is "No! Save ALL forests!!!" then you sure as shit better actually be doing something to ACTUALLY save ALL forests. If not...well you get the point. And if you don't get the point, then you probably didn't get any of this. So show me the person who spends their life fighting for all lives ACTUALLY mattering AND who says #AllLivesMatter and I'll show you a world where people are treated like they actually do matter equally (neither of those actually exist). Now I know very little about the #BlackLivesMatter but I'm learning and these r things that I think people who actually care about equality can agree on. #BlackLivesMatter is necessary because we don't live in a society that systematically treats white people terribly bc they're white. And that's why we need #BlackLivesMatter

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"Some people think they are being more inclusive by saying #AllLivesMatter in response to #BlackLivesMatter but in reality, they're (un)consciously undermining the purpose of the movement," he wrote. "Because this PARTICULAR movement is about SPECIFIC issues, as any decently effective movement is." 

McGorry expanded on that note in a series of Twitter posts:

Needless to say, the internet showed it's love to McGorry, big-upping the actor and sharing his posts over thousands of times. But in another ace move, the guy countered all the praise with a wonderful deflection, noting his privileged position:

Okay, it's probably time to forgive him for what he did to Dayanara (and her fam's beloved baby crib) last season. Nice job, Officer Bennett.