Of course Mindy Kaling and Kate Middleton are fashion twins

While Royal Watchers have been busy wardrobe-stalking Kate Middleton during her Australian tour, there is evidence that the duchess has been copycatting another awesome woman -- and alas, has just been called out!

Remember the dress she wore in Brisbane on Saturday? The blue and white cotton print dress designed by London designer LK Bennett? Well, your spirit animal Mindy Kaling has actually just worn it in the last episode of The Mindy Project. Of course, Kaling wouldn't let  it go without sharing the news with her fans: 

"UHH, Miss Duchess Whoever, I WORE this dress last week!” Mindy Kaling joked via Instagram, What’s next? Kate in my donut print pajama bottoms I mean c’mon.”



As The Gloss pointed out, the resemblance doesn't end here. Despite pairing the dress with different accessories ("Mindy wore it with bright turquoise earrings, bright blue shoes, and a blue Chanel flap bag. The Duchess of Cambridge wore hers with navy suede pumps and a small blue clutch"), both Kate and Mindy had "half-up, half-down hairstyles." PASS US THE SMELLING SALTS NOW!!!!!!!!!

Well, for anyone who is keen to join the dress party, apparently the piece was sold out  n official e-tailer sites before Kate even "descended the stairs of their plane at the RAAF base Amberley". 

So the lesson for everyone here? Watch more Mindy Project. Next thing you know Kate Middleton will be copying the outfit that you're copying Mindy Kaling.

Source: The Gloss