NSW Premier Mike Baird hilariously live-tweeted the Bachelor finale last night


Rob Moran

Mike Baird: Bachelor fan.

Mike Baird: Bachelor fan. Photo: Jessica Hromas

We all expected some amusing tweets during last night's final episode of The Bachelor Au, but I doubt any of us expected most of those amusing tweets to come from NSW Premier Mike Baird.

And yet, this is a thing that happened.

Just as the season finale was getting underway, Baird tweeted that he was stuck at home "with the man-flu", and that his daughters had comandeered the TV to find out whether Bachie Sam would give his final rose to Snezana or Lana.

The lovebirds met on The Bachelor earlier this year.

The lovebirds met on The Bachelor earlier this year. Photo: Channel Ten

"It's going to be a loooong night," he wrote.


So, what's a sick Premier to do? Well, live-tweet the whole thing, of course. And so he did, in an epic one-and-a-half hour tweeting session, filled with bemused hilarity, fatherly advice, the revelation that his deputy Gladys Berejiklian was a longtime fan, and a few cruel digs at host Osher Gunsberg's hair.

As the internet said, Snez may have won The Bachelor's heart, but Mike Baird won The Bachelor finale. 

I don't know, but that's probably how you win an election. The people loved it:

And, most importantly, Leigh Sales loved it, too:

First Mal, now this - the Libs are having a pretty productive week.