Nine-year-old has perfect response to school quiz asking about the 'three major problems facing Australia'

The kids are alright.

The kids are alright.

Kids, as the popular phrase goes, say the darnedest things. But sometimes they're also just, you know, right.

Reddit user JonoUK posted a pic of his friend's 9-year-old son's school homework - a few delightfully spot-on answers to the question, "Select 3 major problems facing Australia today."

His answers? "1. Tony Abbott. 2. War. 3. Cyclones."

Even better, to the follow-up question "What are your solutions?", he replied: "1. Do not vote for Tony Abbott. 2. Say no to war. 3. Do something about climate change."


I hope he got a well-deserved early-mark for this.

Because the internet likes to wreck everything, some fellow Redditors got defensive, arguing that the 9-year-old's answers showed a distinct "lack of critical thinking", and he probably just wrote down the radical, cyclone-hating drivel his vegan-anarchist folks hypnotised him into repeating. 

Or, you know, maybe he's just a smart kid?

"Hey guys I only posted this because I thought it was funny," clarified JonoUK. "Obviously a 9-year-old child is going [to] parrot what he hears his parents saying. I'd be lying if I said he had come to this mindset on his own. Take it from me, his dad's about as far left as you can get. Even so, I'm sure most sane level-headed people would agree with his sentiment."

I think the teacher's ticks all over the page back that up, too. Surely that page should be covered in a few more gold stars.

Source: RedditBuzzfeed