Mandy Patinkin's 'inappropriate' stunt on the Homeland set

Casual Patinkin.

Casual Patinkin.

Mandy Patinkin (HOLLA!) attended a film screening last night in the US, and gave an interviewer from Vulture a little glimpse behind the scenes of Homeland.

A while ago actor Rupert Friend (who plays Peter Quinn on the show) said that Patinkin had done something "really quite inappropriate" on the set, with his derriere. Patinkin finally came clean about the accusations last night:

"I mooned Rupert once," he explained.

"It was a long day, and I needed something to just get through the next few hours, and there we were. There was some reason for me to just go like, Oh God, let me just moon you."


Friend's reaction? "I think he had a heart attack. I think he couldn’t get over it. I think he’s in therapy now. I found him a good therapist — he’s English though, I don’t think they take to therapy too quickly."

Apparently the cast also enjoys the occcasional sing-along. Which comes as no surprise when you consider Patinkin's musical history:

"There’s a lot of down time on a film set where everybody is lighting things up. So I’m always learning new tunes because I have a concert career. So I hike every day for a couple of hours and if we’re shooting a twelve, fourteen, sixteen-hour day, I say I spend about eight hours learning tunes or going over the songs I have in my head. So inevitably, Rupert or Damian come up to me and go, ‘What are you working on?’ and they want to learn the song." What follows is a sing-along. "We made up a song in season one — Claire and myself and another guy — based on 'yummy yummy yummy'," he added.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Keep up the good work Mandy Patinkin.