Look: it's the final table read for 30 Rock

We're only sorry it wasn't bigger.

We're only sorry it wasn't bigger.

Oh there are just so many feelings we're having we don't know how to process them all! Okay, let us breathe deeply and gather ourselves to examine the facts.

1.Everyone looks like they're wearing their costumes. Unless of course Tina Fey really does favour check shirts and Alec Baldwin comes to work in a suit. Both are possibilities.

2.Nobody is laughing! Which means they must be as sad as us. Nope, there is no other conclusion.

3. Lutz, (real name, John Lutz) enjoys soft drink.


4. Tracy is giving a look of tenderness and deep sentimentality. Then again, maybe he just pronounced a line wrong and feels embarrassed about being corrected. Because his expression might also be described as 'mild humiliation.' Bless.

5.There is a phone in the middle that looks to be designed to conference call people in. Does the top brass need to hear table reads? Mysterious!

Source: Kevin Brown's Twitter