Lena Dunham just released a whole bunch of advice videos to help you with your problems


Rob Moran

Best office ever.

Best office ever.

For those of you who've been waiting restlessly for Lena Dunham's years-in-the-making memoir/self help guide, Not That Kind Of Girl, to hit bookshelves so you can finally fix up yo' life, today's a good day.

In honour of the book's impending release next month, Lena's set up shop in an amazing cardboard office with a cardboard view of cardboard New York City, scored a rotary telephone, a cute dog sidekick and an excellent theme song, and taken to YouTube to dispense some free, bonus, thought-provoking real-talk.

She posted twelve helpful advice videos all up; watch them all and become an instantly better version of Hannah Horvath/yourself.



1. How to be a feminist in a 'F*ck Me I'm Famous' t-shirt

Main take-away: "A huge part of being a feminist is allowing other women the freedom to make choices you might not necessarily make yourself."

2. How to be confident at any weight

Main take-away: "Being temporarily 130 pounds, I was so obsessed with food, I was so into counting almonds, that I don't think I got laid that entire time. Whereas when I was at my biggest and running around Brooklyn in a romper, it was raining men."

3. How to deal with a friend who was angry at you because you dislocated your knee, ended up in hospital, and "ruined their weekend"

Main take-away: "No."

4. How to stop sleeping with horrible "garbage trash people"

Main take-away: "You have to love yourself to love someone who's going to love you."

5. How to be a successful writer

Main take-away: "Remember: The personal is political, and by sharing your own stories, you're essentially performing activism that is very important, especially as a woman."

6. How to deal with OCD, without going to a doctor

Main take-away: "I know you said you don't like going to the doctor... But you have to."

7. How to deal with bullies from school/college/uni

Main take-away: "At the end of the day, if you're satisfied with your own current situation, you're gonna feel pity for someone who felt the need to behave that way."

8. How to stop having terrible sex

Main take-away: "Having good sex takes two people who wanna make each other feel good."

9. How a dude might make his girlfriend as funny as Lena

Main take-away: "I think you need to take a good hard look at why you wrote to me, and didn't do one of two things: a) Talked to your girlfriend and say 'You don't need to try so hard', or b) Examine why you're with a person who doesn't make you laugh."

10. How to cope with an unceasing fear of death

Main take-away: "Thinking about death every single day can actually make you feel more connected to your life."

11. How to stop being jealous of everyone's good fortune

Main take-away: "My dad taught me this expression, which is 'A rising tide lifts all boats', and I really think that's true."

12. How to deal with people who say you're "too loud"

Main take-away: "I think shushing someone is like saying, 'Shut up, no one cares,', and I think saying 'Shut up, no one cares' is the meanest thing that another person can say to you."


And, with that, we are now all better, more complete human beings. Good session, guys.

Source: NYMag