Leigh Sales' tweet on the Waleed Aly/Nazeem Hussain mix-up is A-grade, five stars


Rob Moran

Nope, try again.

Nope, try again.

And so the awkward lols continue following yesterday's rather embarrassing "Yeah, that's not Waleed Aly..." slip-up by our Fairfax stablemates The Age.

In case you missed it: the paper's TV column ran a sidebar announcement that The Project's part-time panellist and, ahem, Fairfax columnist Waleed Aly was becoming a permanent host on the Channel Ten show. Unfortunately, the headline ran alongside a photo of comedian Nazeem Hussain of SBS's Legally Brown, which.... yeah.

(Note: I just did a search for "Waleed Aly" in Fairfax's internal image site to see how this might've happened, and - lo and behold - a picture of Nazeem Hussain turns up! Yes, still! Helpfully, there's now a caption attached to it noting "***WARNING! This is NOT Waleed Aly.***" Great fix, guys! Seriously, two thumbs up.)


Nazeem Hussain had fun with the whole thing:

As did ABC News' Jeremy Fernandez:

As did our friends over at The Guardian (note the captions):

As did the internet:

But the ABC's 7:30 host Leigh Sales might've swept in and won the whole thing with this tweet delivered just before she went to air yesterday evening:

Well played, everyone.

I guess I should inform the Fairfax higher-ups to sort out that image search issue... but I kinda wanna see what happens next.

Source: News, Junkee, Buzzfeed