Jessica Pare weighs in on the Mad Men theory

Sharon Tate, left in a shoot for Esquire, and a screenshot of Megan Draper.

Sharon Tate, left in a shoot for Esquire, and a screenshot of Megan Draper.

Last week we brought you news from our paranoid minds that, judging from the t-shirt Megan was wearing in an episode of Mad Men, she could well end up dead. Dead!

If you watched last week's episode, (and if you didn't, now's the time to click out) you will have noticed that things got even spookier: Don maybe had a near-death experience and who was there? Megan Draper was there guys!

Does this mean she's waiting for him on the other side?

Like any deeply convoluted yet utterly compelling Mad Men plot line we can only grasp at straws. And one of those straws just happens to be an interview Esquire did with the woman who plays Megan, Jessica Pare.


ESQ: Recently Megan sported a t-shirt that Sharon Tate wore in an Esquire photo shoot, which has sent the Internet into insane overdrive. There's a theory that Megan's going to be murdered like Sharon.

JP: Yeah, I saw that.

ESQ: Do you have any thoughts on this murder theory?

JP: Well, I know [creator] Matt [Weiner] spoke about it a few days ago. [Eds. note: We were unable to find Weiner talking about it, at least publicly.] I think that one of the greatest things about being on this show is that people love to talk about the characters. For me as an actor, it's absolutely so thrilling to hear anybody talk about the character that I play. [Laughs.] In terms of whether that's going to happen or not, I'm pretty sure that Matt spoke to it, but I just want to say, I don't know.

ESQ: In shooting that scene, is there a connection being made like, "Oh, I'm wearing Sharon Tate's shirt," or is it just a costume you put on?

JP: There was a reference photo in the costume shop that was that shot with Sharon Tate. That's right where I saw it. Women didn't really wear a lot of t-shirts at the time, so we were trying to find a t-shirt, where this woman was on her balcony, by herself, and not really expecting her husband being home so soon and she's just wearing underwear and a t-shirt — looking vulnerable and casual. Not like vulnerable in an explicitly sexual kind of way, but almost vulnerable in its dowdiness or whatever. That might not be the right word. But he'd come home and see her in this vulnerable state and she'd just say it, say exactly what she's thinking. Which by the way, people rarely do in life, but people do on TV and especially on this show. So I think that was the idea in finding that t-shirt — something that we had a reference that somebody had worn at the time. And if there was any significance beyond that, I don't know, you'd have to ask Matt.

Oh this is simply too much! It sounds like she is dead!

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Source: Esquire