Is Dana Brody the most hated character on TV?

Is Dana Brody TV's most hated character right now?

Is Dana Brody TV's most hated character right now?

The name 'Morgan Saylor' probably doesn't ring a bell for most people but for a lot of meme-loving Homeland fans out there, the character 'Dana Brody' definitely does. 

It's just as well that Dana has a much bigger internet profile than the 18-year-old actress, since most of the 'buzz' out there are on dedicated hate sites. 

As a recent Daily Beast interview points out, the buffet of anti-Dana projects include: Buzzfeed's 'Why Dana Brody is the worst"; SNL's Dana sketch about 'the annoying thing she does with her sleeves'; GQ's entire essay on the Dana Brody Face and of course -- the Dana Brody Twitter parody account. 

So what's it like to play TV's most hated character? This is what Saylor has to say:


"Anna Gunn wrote that op-ed for The New York Times about Skyler White. I kind of wanted to comment on it and be like, “Yeah, I know how you feel.” But characters are not always supposed to be loved. You could look at most characters and see mixed reactions."

Sounds like Saylor has a healthy sense of irony when it comes to the character v real life hate. Also, unlike actress Anna Gunn, she doesn't attribute the negative reaction entirely to the 'double standard for women characters': 

" I don’t know completely if it’s a sexism thing. I think a lot of characters get a lot of shi-. Maybe women more than men, but ... I’m not that offended by it. And therefore it’s not that big of a deal.

There you have it. Joke's on you, weird people of the internet who has a bone to pick with Dana's sleeves! And as Daily Beast's  helpfully pointed out, Anna Gunn just won an Emmy for playing Skyler, so perhaps it's worth ignoring the hate memes? 

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Source: Daily Beast