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Grease lightning turns to cheese

John Travolta and Olivia Newtown-John were once the epitome of sex appeal, but 30 years later, their new Christmas song is all about line-dancing and cheesy lyrics.

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They were once the epitome of greased, uber-cool.

Which is what makes the demise so awkward.

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were obviously thrilled to be back working together, 30 years after Grease, when they spoke to Fairfax Media this week about their new Christmas album titled, imaginatively, This Christmas.

Reunited: Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

Reunited: Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

''It came together in this really pure way; it has pure intentions. We still have little kids coming up to us who are discovering the movies; it's like three generations who love the movie, who are going to be thrilled to see Danny and Sandy, as they think of us, together again,'' Newton-John said.

Well, maybe. Have you ever heard the phrase be careful what you wish for?

Because one look at the melty faces and awkward country dancing contained in the film clip that debuted online this week might permanently spoil Grease for future generations.

The track is by John Farrar, the writer behind their  smash hit You're the One That I Want.

The video, in which Travolta and Newton-John alternatively fly an aircraft and drive a car on a footpath at about 1km/h towards each other, also features lashings of slow-mo running, curious line dancing, old people cheering and teens looking extremely embarrassed about being part of the whole thing.

It is so cheesy, forced and low-budget, the big question people have been asking on social media is 'Is it actually a parody?'

The follow-up question is, 'Why?' What motivates two seemingly competent actors to debase themselves in this way? 

In the end, words really do this film clip no justice.

If you want to remember Danny and Sandy they way they were, look away now. If you want the biggest belly laugh available this festive season then go ahead and bravely press play.