Red Squirrel by Mark Hamblin. Click for more photos

Glorious images from the British Wildlife Photography Awards

Red Squirrel by Mark Hamblin. Photo:

  • Red Squirrel by Mark Hamblin.
  • Sparrowhawk preening by Tom Langlands.
  • The 2012 overall winning image by Dr Matt Doggett was entitled "Gannet Jacuzzi".
  • A swan, photographed by Gerald Robinson.
  • Hedgehog by Matt Binstead.
  • Emerald Damselflies by Les Gibbon.
  • Damselfy portrait by Ross Hoddinott.
  • Over the Shoulder Seal by John Moncrieff.
  • Common Dormouse by Simon Phillpotts.
  • Adult Little Owl by Craig Churchill.

The British Wildlife Photography Awards were established in 2009 to "recognise the talents of photographers practicing in the UK, while at the same time highlight the great wealth and diversity of Britain’s natural history."

We'll break that down for you: cute animal photos!

Check out some of the winners from the 2012 awards in the gallery above.

Just have a look at that squirrel, would you? There's no WAY he is letting you anywhere near that acorn.