Garfi is officially the angriest cat on the internet

A Santa hat, an entire roast turkey, a Parisian beanie - simply nothing seems to please cantankerous Garfi. 

The peevish Persian from Turkey is yet another copycat cutting the money-green grass of kingpin Grumpy Cat.

No matter what Garfi does - sitting in a chair, looking at a toy, wearing a headband - he does it with dedicated furiosity. And he's probably going to make a whole lot of money from it.

Garfi-New Year's Eve Memories

Garfi's owner, Huyla Ozkok, has posted more than 100 rather professional looking photographs of him looking astoundingly grumpy. He almost seems a little too well suited to his name, which triggers memories of a very famous, very angry cartoon cat. 

It's a wonder Garfi can maintain his rage. If you want to download a high-quality picture of him, you'll have to fork out $769. That's about 43 cans of flaked chicken and tuna gourmet cat food.

  • Hulya Ozkok via Getty Images

"My son wanted me to open an account for photos of our cat, Garfi. It's the reason to join Flickr. However I am glad to join. Nice to meet you," she posted on the site. 

The Flickr album has more than 34,000 views and has attracted attention from major media organisations around the world.

The reigning mogul of melancholy, Grumpy Cat, is probably sneering more than usual at Garfi's naive attempts.        

It's unlikely his fame will last. Garfi may have the world's attention right now, but he's probably on a path to obscurity, one that has been pawed many times before. 

There was the fashion-forward Limecat, who was different to Grumpy Cat in that he was angry and wearing a piece of fruit as a hat. 

Purrmanently Sad Cat clawed at the heart strings with dewy eyes and a refusal to hide his emotions.

There was also OMG Cat, who tried tried to stand out from his stroppy feline friends with a shocked expression. 

All of them are now forgotten felines; merely hyperlinks in a story about another cat's 15 seconds of fame.

Meanwhile, Grumpy is laughing all the way to the bank with her ever-expanding empire which includes two books, a soft toy line, a musical album Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever and a front page appearance on The Wall Street Journal. 

The behemoth of bad attitude  - whose real name is Tardar Sauce - stumbled into the limelight when her picture was posted on the social news site forum Reddit in 2012.

"It was an accident," one of her handlers Bryan said. "We thought it would get some laughs, with the internet liking cats. And it just kept going."

Now Grumpy Cat has more than 6 million devotees on Facebook - where she's listed as a "public figure" - and 238,000 followers on Twitter. In the past hour, she's been busily promoting her "grumpy Halloween" shirts.

If our new up-and-comer Garfi is to have long-term success, he might need to get an agent, like Grumpy Cat, to look after his social media identity. He made his foray into the Twittersphere only yesterday with this tweet: