Diesel ad campaign features tatooed woman in Niqab


Designer brands often have fancy tagline that have nothing to do with the company. But full credit must go to Diesel, which easily lives up to its slogan: "Be stupid". 

In the brand's latest ad campaign spearheaded by creative director (and former Lady Gaga stylist) Nicola Formichetti, a sultry-looking tattooed woman wears a denim niqab, with the caption "I am not what I appear to be".

The ad appears to be part of a 'boundary-pushing' initiative by Formichetti, in which he daringly casts 'real people' to model Diesel clothes. He told WWD: "I wanted to find people who reflected the diversity of the creative community today and not just the typical model"

Good one, Formichetti! Never has anyone ever captured cultural appropriation AND sexual objectification so succinctly with a patchy denim headscarf! 


So in this sense, the lameness is trailblazing. But the so-called 'edgy' ad campaign - as the good People of the Internet have noted - is definitely not.  

Source: The Gloss