Critic says women couldn't handle new Leonardo DiCaprio film 'The Revenant'


Jenny Noyes

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Trailer: The Revenant

In the 1820s, a frontiersman, Hugh Glass, sets out on a path of vengeance against those who left him for dead after a bear mauling.

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"Forget women seeing this."

Film critic Jeffrey Wells added these four words to a Twitter-review of The Revenant, a new film starring Leonardo DiCaprio that - in the same tweet - he described as "unflinchingly brutal" - but in a good way. Indeed, Wells was overflowing with praise for the film, describing it as "intense, immersive," and like nothing that has been made before.

Chicks hate that stuff, don't you know?

Leonardo Dicaprio in 'The Revenant'.

Leonardo Dicaprio in 'The Revenant'.


So, okay, he's basically given this film 5 stars. But it's not "for sissies" and, ipso facto, women won't see it. This is a serious and difficult film, ladies. The payoff is more than worth it for us courageous and resilient menfolk, but it's certainly too much for you and your childbearing hips to take. 

It should come as no surprise that his derogatory comments equating women with "sissies" proceeded to come under fire in Twitter. That is the great thing about Twitter. 

What's hilarious is that this tough guy couldn't even handle a bit of criticism (that he ~really~ should have seen coming).

His next move was to write a blog post with the title Getting Clubbed Again By P.C. Twitter Goons Over Four Words complete with non-pology, more offensive descriptions of women whose reactions to the film weren't stoic enough ("total candy-ass"), and equating the criticism he received on Twitter with being "torn apart by hyenas or wild dogs" and/or being murdered by a fascist dictatorship.

OK, so he's not really sorry. He still reckons women can't handle this film, based off the reaction of one female companion and the fact that another female journalist called it "brutal" (the same word he repeated numerous times in his own tweets). Oh and his mate who reckons his wife is also too female to last more than five minutes. 

So Wells basically wrote a big whiny blog post because he's really upset at the fact people on Twitter disagree with him and think he's a bit of a sexist ass. 

Who's the sissy now?