Comedian Nik Dodani's new set about being gay and Indian is hilarious

Nik Dodani works as an actor and activist in LA.

Nik Dodani works as an actor and activist in LA.

Nik Dodani, an out gay Indian-American man based in Los Angeles, is using his hilarious stand-up sets to discuss the important issue of how race and sexuality intersect in an American life.

A recent set of his titled 'Man of Colour' was published online a few days ago and is gaining a lot of attention for his witty take on growing up as a second-generation migrant. Specifically, he talks about the challenges of being a brown kid in very white Arizona. 

"They would be like 'oh you're Indian, you don't seem Indian'. And I feel like I have to say [in an Indian accent] 'Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I forgot to wear my billowing floral pants today. Can you please forgive me? Thank you, come again'."

In an interview with PinkNews last year, Dodani said he believed the making jokes was the best way to talk about series issues.


"When you're laughing, I think people are open to hearing other perspectives, and really absorbing other perspectives," he said. I thought one issue that's really personal to me, and isn't really talked about a lot, is homophobia in Indian culture. I thought stand-up would be an awesome way to address that in a way that people would actually want to listen to."

Do yourself a favour and watch the 8-minute set.

Nik Dodani - Man of Color (Stand-Up Comedy) from Nik Dodani on Vimeo.