Buzzfeed writer makes Tinder guys answer Carrie's SATC questions


Candice Chung


Is there a secret cold war between married and singles? Can we date outside our caste? Are we simply romantically challenged or are we sluts? 

If any of the above questions strike you as oddly familiar, then congratulations, you (like everyone else who owns a Sex and the City special edition boxset) have spent way too many hours putting up with Carrie Bradshaw's rhetorical questions during the prime of your life. 

But look, who says those hours in front of your an analogue TV had to be wasted? Buzzfeed writer Julia Pugachebsky has found a creative way of putting Carrie's inane questions to good use -- by testing them out on Tinder guys. (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.) 

Rather than relying on time-honoured openers like "S'up?. Wanna meet lol",  Pugachevsky conducted entire conversations using only the "classic questions"  Carrie asked in her columns.


The result is nothing short of wondrous: some guys went toe to toe "on Carrie's level" (ie. equally confusing and metaphor-heavy), while others -- to their credit -- politely pondered hypothesis like: "Are men just women with balls?"

The cocktail of earnestness and confusion is straight up intoxicating:

This dude was Jack Berger in disguise.

And it gets better when they get right into the mixed metaphors:

This guy embraced Carrie's terminology.

But one guy knew exactly what's up. 

Do yourself a favour and check out the entire collection here

I am looking forward to seeing more of this on a Tumblr. Or a book. Or a major motion picture. 

Source: Buzzfeed