Business Baby meme is going to make your day


Dennis Green

This article first appeared on Mashable 

What do you get when you cross Business Cat and Success Kid? Business Baby, of course. 

The hottest new meme of 2014 came about after Reddit user C0LDBLUERIBB0N posted a photo of his friend's young son on the news-aggregation website. Reddit quickly fell in love with the stern-looking baby, and flooded the web with memes using the image.

Reddit users imagined what the baby was saying on his red phone. Was he negotiating a one-figure business deal? Demanding someone put a round peg in a square hole? Calling someone to change his diaper? Whatever it is, it looks serious.


We'll probably never know what had Business Baby scowling into his cereal, but we do know this: He has officially earned a place in the sacred hall of Internet memes.