BBC reporter mistakes stack of paper for iPad on camera

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Newsreader mistakes paper for iPad

Oops! BBC presenter Simon McCoy, adds another on-air gaffe to his list after he accidentally picks-up a ream of photocopier paper instead of his iPad.

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BBC reporter Simon McCoy accidentally went on air and revealed the next Apple gadget — and it looks remarkably similar to a stack of printer paper.

During a live news segment turned fail, McCoy displays a prop that has no place on camera: a ream of A4 paper. It's pretty clear he meant to pick up his iPad instead, but it's less clear whether he simply didn't realize on camera — or was just trying to play it cool.

The mistake is hysterical but puzzling for a few reasons. Are iPads four inches thick in the UK, or did McCoy just think his gadget was especially bloated? Did the BBC give reporters stacks of paper instead of iPads for Christmas, in hopes nobody would notice?

This isn't McCoy's first time at the gaffe circus. He has made quite a name for himself in broadcast history, falling asleep during morning segments and being a little too honest with viewers during coverage of the Prince George's birth.