Activists paint whitewashed Stonewall statues to remember transgender women of colour


Jenny Noyes

Stonewall's whitewashed statues get a brown, transgender makeover.

Stonewall's whitewashed statues get a brown, transgender makeover. Photo: Twitter

Anger over the whitewashing of the Stonewall story continues, with activists painting white memorial statues brown and giving them a transgender makeover, to remember the women of colour at the centre of the riots that history and pop culture apparently wishes to erase.

The statues, outside Greenwich Village's iconic Stonewall Inn, are painted white and appear to depict white, cisgender men and women. Earlier this month in a discussion about the cisgender whitewashing of the film Stonewall, black transgender woman and activist Miss Major drew attention to these statues.

Miss Major, who was at the Stonewall riots, told Autostraddle it's "cute" that there are statues outside the bar to commemorate the night, but that they don't represent all the identities involved. 


"The statues look like they're made from flour and sugar! What is this? Why can't one of the girls go up and throw up a little makeup on one of these bitches?"

"Let's have the building at least claim who the people were that were there, not these white people that they had on in the plaque," she said. "None of my girls were mentioned on that plaque, none of us."

Two unnamed activists heeded her call, and this was the result: