10 Ryan Gosling GIFs to keep you warm while he's away


Annie Colbert


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Did your computer let out a little exasperated whimper in the past 24 hours? That was just the Internet reacting to news that Ryan Gosling plans to take a break from acting.

Basically, Tumblr was all:


Image courtesy of Tumblr, perfectgosling

The Internet's most fawned over Hollywood dude — he's like the Jennifer Lawrence of fellers — told the AP that he needs to step back and gain a bit of perspective on his craft. The fact that this seems like an admirable bit of self-reflection did little to soothe fans.

So don't stock up your bunker with tinned spaghetti and copies of Lars and the Real Girl just yet, Gosling worshippers, because we have 10 GIFs to keep you occupied until The Gos returns.

Image courtesy of theberry

Image courtesy of crushable

Image courtesy of zsrryangosling

Image courtesy of paulwelsey

Image courtesy of Tumblr. sowwy-im-a-fatass

Image courtesy of roccosrevolution

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