When #mensrightsmovies took over Twitter

Sometimes Twitter can feel like it's overrun by a bunch of self-important people shouting laborious jokes into a bucket. But occasionally something wonderful happens and we're reminded of why Twitter can be marvelous. This was the case when Aaminah Khan, a self-described "muslim bipolar bisexual beautiful intersectionalist geek femme genius" from Townsville, started the Twitter hashtag, #mensrightsmovies.

Men's rights activists, otherwise known as MRA's  are the ones who can't see the forest through their bloated white, male privilege. They're the ones who on an article about domestic violence against women will say 'what about men?', they also like to use phrases like "friendzone". They generally hate women, or at least women who don't act how these men expect them to. Of course, there is an uproar about the hashtag on Reddit.

So it was with enormous pleasure that Khan, who tweets under @jaythenerdkid, rallied the Twitter troops - including a number of Daily Life writers (we're like proud mama bears) who pithily, wittily and disarmingly mad fun of MRA's in pun form. 

Perhaps my favourite part of the hashtag, apart from the convivial activist spirit, was that they subverted movie categories that I feel sure that MRAs felt they owned, or didn't belong in. 


Here are some of our picks, but sure to check out the whole hash tag, #mensrightsmovies for some excellent jokes. 

Source: Daily Dot

Let's start with romcoms, because they're the ones the MRAs probably hate most what with their focus on alpha males getting the girl.