Watch: The Trailer for Warm Bodies

We admit we did not have high hopes for Warm Bodies. We had never read the book by Isaac Marion so we really had no idea the plot was this funny or wry or smart. But the story, about a zombie, (Nicholas Hoult from X-Men First Class) who falls in love with a human lady, (our 'own' Teresa Palmer) manages to be self-aware and silly without ever compromising on the overall message. And the message, like so many others from the horror genre these days, is all about confronting and then embracing The Other.

Alan Ball got the erh, ball rolling with True Blood when he made his vampire nation a clear metaphor for gay rights. X-Men made a similar point, this time around civil rights. And what is Twilight but a soft-core exploration of prejudice? So, on the back of these kinds of movies we witness in Warm Bodies an old white man, (John Malkovich - yeah, he plays Teresa Palmer's dad) and many other, shall we say, Tea Party types, overcome their prejudices against those creatures which they consider to be not human. Check it out below.

Warm Bodies is set for release in Australia in early April.


Source: LaineyGossip