Watch: the trailer for Tina Fey's new movie

Please find below the new trailer for Admission, a movie about a university admissions officer, (Tina Fey) who falls in love with a potential student, (Paul Rudd). It also stars Michael Sheen but he doesn't seem to be anywhere here. Judging only from the trailer, it looks to be one of those gentle, quirky movies, with plenty of awkwardly poignant moments full of quiet self-discovery and comedy that you react to with a nod rather than a laugh. In other words, we're not entirely sure this movie is making the best out of Fey's talent, (or Rudd's for that matter). But it is still a movie and it is still Tina Fey so we'll be watching.

Speaking of movies and watching, (how's that for a five star segue?) Fey has recently revealed what she'll be wearing to the Golden Globes - the gig she'll be hosting in January alongside friend and fellow comedian Amy Poehler. 

NYMag reports: While she and Amy Poehler haven't worked out their material quite yet, she wants it to feel informal. "The fun thing about the event is that it's pretty loose and partylike, and hopefully we'll be able to keep that vibe going." By drinking, perhaps? "By eating onstage and wearing pajamas."

Fingers crossed. Below, (finally!), the trailer for Admission.