Watch: Christian Bale's new movie trailer

Christian Bale, driving  out of the furnace!

Christian Bale, driving out of the furnace!

Remember Sean Penn in Mystic River? Remember how every scene had a kind of blue-grey tinge to it, on account of the fact that they were all just working class boys who grew up together in a small working class town?

Remember when Christian Bale won the Oscar for The Fighter in which he played a rough-around the edges working class drug addict slash boxer from a working class town in Boston who loved his brother with a fierce, masculine love that only church-going, working class men who have to box themselves out of trouble in small towns seem capable of? Hey, remember Rocky?

Hey, remember Bruce Springsteen's greatest hits? Remember, how, sometimes in the music videos they'd be this train pulling into a small working class town and they'd be lots of steam and such? You know, on account of the factories and other relics from a time when men wore tattoos without the hipster glasses? And there's one man fighting to get out; fighting to break the cycle of violence and crime in that small town? And there's a woman who loves him?

Hey, remember Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam? Yeah, well, he's doing the soundtrack to this movie, Out of the Furnace, (get it? It's a play on that fierce love and the aforementioned steam, but also like, a journey out of hell). Well, this movie, which also stars Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson, is being touted as the next Oscar magnet but we feel like there's enough stuff in here to make us think maybe we've seen it all before. Watch!