Watch Amy Schumer tell Stephen Colbert about the time she rented Jake Gyllenhaal's apartment and stole cake right out of his fridge


Rob Moran

Amy Schumer was on Stephen Colbert's shiny new Late Show over the weekend, and told the host a story about the time she rented out Jake Gyllenhaal's apartment for a short-term stay (because apparently all celebs rent each other's houses).

It's a wonderful story.

"He left a frozen cake in his freezer. It was very old, like it was not edible," began Schumer. "It was an old, frozen cake. And I would get drunk and I would eat it, and I would talk as if he was there and I was at the party the cake was served at."


If that already sounds hilarious, then take a seat - because she also has video proof.

Celebrities, they really are just like us - drunk, hungry and starstruck.