Today in famous women on feminism

Amy Poehler doing what she does best.

Amy Poehler doing what she does best. Photo: Time Out New York

We've had Susan Sarandon saying she wasn't one, Ellen Page bemoaning why more women didn't call themselves one, so why not make it a hat trick this week and include Amy Poehler's thoughts and feelings on being a feminist from an interview she did with Time Out New York? We've bolded Feminist for you. You're welcome.

Time Out New York: Both Smart Girls and Ask Amy are about empowering young women, and feminism informs so much of what you do. Has that always been your intention?
Amy Poehler:

  'It’s always just been in my nature—it’s just kind of my everyday. Sometimes I access it in a conscious way, but it wasn’t always the headline of stuff that I was doing. We just had Gloria Steinem do ASSSSCAT, which was so great. [Musician and activist] Kathleen Hanna came, and I’m just a huge Kathleen Hanna fan. She, for me, was closer in age and a practicing and working feminist, at the time, that I related to. When I was in my late twenties and thirties, there were these amazing female musicians, like PJ Harvey and Björk and Kim Gordon.… These musicians are all still around, but, I mean, they were the most popular musicians! Just constant, really interesting women; sex wasn’t their currency, but they were really sexy and sexual. I gave you a long-winded answer. [Laughs]

'So the answer is: Yes, I consider myself a feminist, and it informs my work only in that it’s just who I am, in the same way that I’m a woman, or I’m 5'2" or whatever. I was lucky that I came through a system that had many people who did much more hard work and road-clearing before I got there.'



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