Tina Fey in the hot seat

Tina Fey in the hot seat Photo: Bravo TV

The day we have all been praying for has finally arrived: Tina Fey has granted the wish of every wannabe thespian, (including host James Lipton) with an appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio. The full episode ran on US television yesterday and Tina gave her tips on array of topics, including how to get ahead in a 'man's world'. Lean in, everybody!

Step 1: Wear a bra. "The advice I give is, always wear a bra. Even if you don’t feel you need it, just have it." 

Step 2: Don't eat Lean Cuisine. "Don't eat diet food in front of other people, like don't eat like a Lean Cuisine. It weakens you."

Step 3: Cry if you want to. "I find that, if it’s genuine, if something is so frustrating that you cry, that actually often scares the sh*t out of people."

A delightful excerpt detailing all of those points and more is located here.