Tilda Swinton new face of Chanel

Tilda modelling for Karl.

Tilda modelling for Karl.

 Tilda Swinton is Karl Lagerfeld's latest muse. For once, King Karl has chosen someone as wonderfully strange as he is to wear his clothes. Swinton, who once said she'd love to play Conan O'Brien in a biopic, features in an upcoming campaign modelling the Metiers d'Art Paris-Edimbourg collection, which, you may remember was unveiled at Linlithgow Palace in December and featured lots of tartan.

"Tilda perfectly embodies the Paris-Edimbourg collection," said Karl Lagerfeld. "She is of course Scottish, but more than that, she is a modern woman, a timeless icon of elegance."

You know, we have to say we're kind of disappointed in King Karl's reasoning. We expected something more along the lines of "Tilda looks like a very tall man with excellent skin who would eat snow in the forest and of course, snow is very Chanel."

The press release from the fashion house was at least a little more to the point, praising Swinton for her '"unique personality, charisma and allure." Lagerfeld himself photographed Swinton, (naturellement) and right now there's only one image. But that will all change in May when the snow in the forest evaporates and the full campaign is revealed.