There's going to be a wedding on '30 Rock'!

Cris kissing Liz.

Cris kissing Liz.

US network NBC has already spilled the beans, so if you're allergic to spoilers you should stop reading now. And probably not look to your right. And then probably shut down your internet browser because you're so angry you let this happen again.

But if you're not, may we announce that Liz Lemon, (Tina Fey) is marrying the man with no H in his first name - Cris Chross, (James Marsden) on 30 Rock! The nuptials will take place on the November 29 episode in the US, which, kinda sorta means the next day for any of you who like to play fast and loose with the illegal downloads. Not that we endorse that!

This is the seventh and final season of the show and Tina Fey has already promised that they're going to start wrapping up every storyline in a proper and yet faithfully bizarre way.

As you can see below, the invite is vintage Lemon, with Liz, (middle name Mer - what is that? Mer something?) presenting herself to be married to Chross, (middle name Rick) "but not in a creepy way that perpetuates the idea that brides are virgins and women are property." Of course not.


Source: UsMagazine