Student Suspended for Brilliant Chemistry Joke in Her Yearbook

Image via, via Mashable.

Image via, via Mashable.

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Senior class vice president and all-around model student Paris Gray tried out a brilliant and hilarious chemistry joke, but she didn't get a positive reaction from school administrators.

School administrators suspended Gray from her high school in Jonesboro, Georgia after they finally caught on to the joke that she had written for her personal quote in the yearbook. The quote read, "When the going gets tough just remember to Barium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Astatine, Arsenic, Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus."

If you look on the periodic table, the elements Barium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Astatine, Arsenic, Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus translate to [Ba][C][K] [Th][At] [As][S] [U][P], when you use their acronyms. Well played, Ms. Gray. Well played.


Sadly, school administrators don't share Gray's enthusiasm for the hilariously nerdy joke. What began as a light-hearted quote to fondly remember her senior year could possibly threaten Gray's ability to attend graduation. Gray told local news station WSB-TV, "It just completely destroyed me, and my mom's been telling me don't let it ruin my happiness, but it's like really taking a big toll."

The whole controversy could have been avoided if yearbook editors or staff at the school had caught the quote before the yearbooks had been printed, but perhaps some people are just slow to the punchline.

Update, May 20, 5:30 p.m. EST: Paris Gray will now be able to walk at graduation after meeting with the school district’s superintendent.